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The whole configuration of drilling fluid solids control system


Drilling fluid solids control system mainly includes three parts: drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling mud cleaning equipment, electronic control device.


Drilling fluid circulating tank

Function: provide drilling fluid which needed in drilling process, and offer necessary cycle condition for every level cleaning.

Constitution: cycle tank, mix tank, store tank.

Drilling fluid circulating tank should make tank size minimization under the situation of meeting requirements of drilling process, so it is easy to install and transport of equipment, and also can reduce floor space of equipment.


Equipment configuration

Drilling fluid circulating tank is composed of several chambers, can be equipped with shale shaker, desander, degasser, desilter, centrifuge, sand pump, mud agitator, etc. and also matched with all kinds of pipeline, valve, and other assist device.


Electronic control device

According to requirement of drilling fluid purification cycle, the electronic control device is installed by the way of extension and centralization.

For the high-power electrical equipment such as sand pump motor, should use extension control. For the low power devices such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, agitator, should adopt centralized control. Between tanks are equipped with terminal box, adopt safety plug to connect cable.