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The working procedure and notes of Flare Ignition device


Flare Ignition device working procedure:

1 The combustible gas is transported to the air inlet of burner which be installed in the safety.

2 Connect and start the Flare Ignition device.

3 Open the liquefied gas tank, light flash tube (onelevel ignition).

4 The burning flash tube lights gas (second level ignition).

5 Close the liquefied gas tank, put out the flash tube, let the combustible atmospheric gas combust.


Flare Ignition device notes for use:

1 Burner in the transportation and hoisting process should be avoided to damage the insulation of ignition wire.

2 The burner should be installed in the open place which can not cause fire.

3 The burner base should be fixed with foundation firm.

4 It is used in petroleum drilling engineering matched with mud gas separator.

5 Control box is an important part of the flare ignition device, the use you can see the flare ignition device control box specification.