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Three dimensional wave mode screen


Following the development and creative of technology, in order to improve the screening effect, three dimensional wave screen is the improvement and upgrade of plate shake screen.


The wave mode screen is based on the structure of shale shaker is not increase and the exciter not change the vibration force and frequency, integrated the advantages of common crochet screen and plate hole type bonding screen.


It is mainly made of screen cloth, screen plate and screen frame. Usually the screen cloth is made of the two or three different meshes using bonding process make the wave type, the mesh of surface is the biggest, it decides the purification degree of screen to drilling fluid, the mesh of following two layers are decrease gradually, the coarse mesh screen in the bottom is supporting the upper screen.


The big advantage of the screen is broken the limited of traditional plate screen, because the screen surface is unique wave, it not only has the service life of plate hole screen and purification but also improve the filter area of screen.