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Tips for shale shaker technical


A shale shaker provides many benefits to drilling companies. These systems help to clean drilling fluid so that it can be reused over and over again.Also cuts costs for drilling outfits. Finally, shale shakers make it easy to capture rocks and other solids that have been contaminated with oil so that they can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.


The choice of shale shaker screen is critical to successful removal of solid materials. The size of the holes on the screen should be matched to the size of the rock being extracted from each bore hole. Generally the factory equipped with 60 mesh shaker screen . Besides 40 mesh , 80 mesh for customer option .


How many shaker screen in a shale shaker ?

Many projects include multiple shale shakers so that the drilling mud must pass through several layers of cleaning and refinement.In a shale shaker , it can be designed 2 panel , 3 panel , 4 panel , etc . The DCS585-4 is 4 panel , the DCS630-3 is 3 panel .


what about DC shale shaker painting/coating ?

The steel DC firstly do sand blast treatment , ground coat paint adopt epoxy zinc rich for prime , epoxy medium twice , polyurethane finish paint twice . In total three layers .