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Trailer Mounted CBM Drilling Mud Cleaning System


CBM drilling usually has smaller drilling depth compared with Oil/gas drilling. Correspondingly the mud cleaning system of CBM drilling is much smaller than oil/gas drilling mud system. But in spite of its smalle size, CBM drilling mud cleaning system usually consist of the same equipments like oil/gas drilling mud system. It should be emphasied that the drilling fluid is part of a circulating system, comprising the fluid itself, the mud pump, solids control equipments, when the drilling mud returns to the surface, it passes through a series of devices to remove the solids.The first-phase device is usually the shale shakers which have tilted,vibrating screens that filter out larger cuttings and let them slide off into collection containers; secondry-phase usually are hydrocyclones which use  fluid inertia to swirl the fluid in a conical chamber,letting the solids drop out the bottom;third-phase is centrifuge which can remove ultra-fine solids. Effective mud cleaning system is important for CBM drilling performance as well as cost control.If the fluid has to be discarded because of inadequate cleaning,it is expensive both in drilling fluid material cost and in time loss.