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Trenchless construction become the world's new tech growth points

Trenchless construction includes such construction methods as tunneling, microtunneling (MTM), horizontal directional drilling (HDD) also known as directional boring, pipe ramming (PR), pipe Jacking (PJ), moling, horizontal auger boring (HAB) and other methods for the installation of pipelines and cables below the ground with minimal excavation.

The development and application of new technology depends on the project need and market demand. Trenchless technology is the same. However , every country has different situations . Trenchless technology is a developing tech . It itself is diversity and openness , in a particular region or country , it will , according to the pipeline construction situation and the cycle and uneven development . for example , main is to use the micro tunnel construction method to lay the traffic crowded , narrow road of city sewage pipeline 

Britain's development of trenchless pipeline replacement mainly repair years broken exisring pipelines , the United States need to directional drilling construction method of laying obstacles can  penetrate tbe surface of oil and gas pipeline , pipeline engineering in some cities there is also a need to repair the pipelines , but less than the total new pipelines . 

Trenchless construction from a single method to the comprehensive development. Pipeline variety, construction conditions differ in thousands ways, need to adopt different construction method, a means to deal with all kinds of construction project is impossible, according to market conditions and focused, scientific combination of enterprise development direction.