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Trenchless technology characteristics


Now trenchless underground utilities technology is a high and new technology improved recently years, it is an important stretch which is the drilling technology combine with engineering geophysics, computer technology, geotechnical engineering technique and new material.


The trenchless technology have already widely used in overseas, our country have already gradually populate. Compared with other technology, the starting of trenchless is late, but in recently 20 years, trenchless technology whether if in theory or construction techniques all have a big improve. Using trenchless technology pave pipe line has a lot of advantages.


It can pass highway, railway, rivers even if through under the buildings don’t excavate ground, it is a safety and effective construction technique.


Trenchless technology don’t excavate ground, so the upper soil layer of pipe line which is paved, the socket end of pipeline is not easy produce deformation, the pipeline service life is longer than excavation method buried pipe.


Using Under the room trenchless technology can save a lot of land expropriation cost demolition, decrease resettlement housing, shorten pipeline length, it has a big economic benefit and social benefits.