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Type and property of drilling fluid


Type and property of drilling fluid , solids control treating capacity and the system overall layout all are solids control system matching basis . Weighted drilling fluid and unweighted drilling fluid on the choice of desander and mud cleaner is distinguishing . Besides , oil base drilling fluid and water base drilling fluid on the choice to solid control equipment is different .


Equipment name

Shale shaker



Mud cleaner

Decanter centrifuge

Treating capacity / flow %




Sieve slurry amount 12~20

3~13  1.45L/s

Drilling fluid type

All kinds of drilling fluid

All kinds of drilling fluid

Unweighted water base drilling fluid

Weighted drilling fluid

Weighted and unweighted drilling fluid , mostly for unweighted oil base drilling fluid

Usage time


Be interrupted

Drilling fluid property , especially viscosity has a great influence on the choice of solids control equipment also , such as the plastic viscosity is too high , the impact on the shaker screen is a solid-liquid separation not easily , mesh wire adhesion phenomena of drilling fluid , make handling capacity decrease , to decanter centrifuge also have the effect of solid-liquid hard to separate , working pressure high .

Then we know solids control equipment configuration is influenced by many factors . We should all round consideration , get the best results .