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Typical structure and classification of gas degasser


The degasser is the special equipment which make the bubble moving to the surface of the drilling fluid rapidly and then to be removed, the use of the degassing device is the most effective method to remove gas from the gas invasion  drilling fluid. Degasser is divided into two categories, vacuum and atmospheric pressure. According to the vacuum forming method can be divided into two kinds of injection pumpdown and vacuum pump down.

Atmospheric pressure degasser

Atmospheric pressure degasser inject gas invasion drilling fluid into  gas removal tank through various forms of pump, which make the drilling fluid impact the tank wall, to form a thin layer of turbulence, resulting in gas-liquid separator.

Centrifugal degasser

Centrifugal atmospheric pressure degasser has combined pump with separation tank, some structure is accompanied by a turbine exhaust, forming a vacuum to strengthen the degassing effect.

Vacuum degassing device

Vacuum degassing device using vacuum pump or jet evacuator which formed vacuum inside the degasser tank.

Gas invasion drilling fluid in the circulating tank will be sucked in degasser tank under the vacuum differential pressure. It can quickly remove a variety of gas in the mud, to restore the proportion of mud and stable viscosity performance of the mud, improve the quality of drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser produced by Dachuan have the characteristics of structure is reasonable and compact in design and excellent performance.