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Understanding more about drilling fluid centrifuge knowledge


The oil centrifuge is limited by the feed rate, solid discharge and ect. So it can’t disposed the whole mud solid, the best way is put the shale shaker or hydrocyclone centrifuge upstream, in order to rid of the bigger solid particles, the centrifuge remove the small part particles, the shale shaker and hydrocyclone separator can’t remove the most part of particles. According this method, you can effectively remove particles

Working principle of the centrifuge

Drilling fluid enter into the hollow shaft in the spiral conveyor by the feeding tubes, then flow into the barrates. Because of the high speed rotating of the barrate, to drive the entered drilling fluid rotating together, the solid phase in the drilling fluid is thrown the wall of the barrate, the drilling fluid expel from the screw conveyor pushing to the discharge hole of the small port. The choice of centrifuge by the particles size of separation solid phase, the barrate,diameter of centrifuge, the highest speed and the separation factors influence, the drilling site commonly used the solid and liquid density difference, as the separation basic of the settlement centrifuge, mainly clear the solid phase substance in the drilling fluid, is the last level of drilling fluid solid control equipment.

How remove the solid in drilling fluid of the oil centrifuge alone?
Drilling fluid mud is into high rotation speed, create 1000G at least. Then attack the centrifuge force, solid and drilling fluid mud is separated.
How work of the oil centrifuge?
Through the feed pipe enter into the conveyor, then mud through the feed port enter into conveyor belt and exit the central, with the high rotation speed of bowl, drilling fluid mud exposure the high force, led to the liquid and solid separation.