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Unique technical advantages of desander

Extensive market for sludge removal:

With the continuous progress of drilling technology, horizontal well, directional well drilling new technology, new technology application and dissemination, the contradiction between the drilling fluid technical performance and well drilling speed and quality have become increasingly prominent. How to effectively improve, especially indicating stability of the drilling fluid technology, clear in drilling fluid solid phase, to meet the needs of new drilling technology has become oil drilling technology development and progress of an important research topic. The mud remover can be widely used in the three stage cleaning of drilling fluid, which can effectively remove solid particles suspended in the drilling fluid more than 30 microns, and is one of the important equipment for stabilizing and adjusting the drilling fluid technical indexes.


Advantages of mud removing device:
1 the cyclone, which uses the polyurethane material, has long service life, light weight and easy maintenance.
2 separation ability is high, wide range of separation size; solid particles can be removed more than 47 m.
3 cyclone underflow mouth is with pressure umbrella "wet bottom" draining sand for the separation zone of particles can be quickly discharged, reducing the underflow mouth blocking probability.
4 each in addition to mud cyclone inlet and outlet are equipped with ball valves, can be at any time to adjust the number of sludge removal work, the operation is simple, easy maintenance.
5 symmetrical inlet mechanism makes the swirl distribution reasonable and stable.
6 low noise, large quantity, long screen life.