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Usage and Construction of Vacuum Degasser


Vacuum Degasser   

The vacuum degasser, also called the negative pressure degasser, is a kind of new-typed and specialized device used for the treatment of the gas extraction of drilling fluid. It can remove all kinds of gases immersed into the drilling fluid rapidly and play an important role in recovering proportion of the mud as well as stabilizing its properties. In the meantime, the drilling rig vacuum degasser can also be used as blender with high power when the mud does not contain gases, which is applied in all kinds of mud circulation and purification systems as the supporting device. 
The vacuum degasser is made up of water intake device, packing layer, water tank and vacuum unit. The packing layer is used to increase resolving area. Degassing efficiency of the water can only reach up to 80 percent when it is fully sprayed into the vaporific state . Therefore, the remaining part must be removed by the resolving area added by the packing layer. Another advantage of packing layer is deep degassing can still be realized when the internal pressure of the vacuum degasser is a little higher than the saturation pressure under this temperature.