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Wave shaker screen for shale shaker


The combination property of drilling fluid shale shaker is reflected by sieve size, service life, and the treating capacity, moreover the above-mentioned situations are bound up with the structure and performance of shaker screen. Screen is the important part in sieving, and is a kind of easy consumable in drilling.


With the development of science and technology continuously, in order to enhancing the sieving effect of screen, wave screen appeared. It is improved and upgraded from plate type screen, started to be applied in the mid 1990 s.


Wave screen mainly composed by three parts: screen cloth, screen plate and screen frame. Screen cloth is generally made from two or three different mesh screen using splice craft to make the wave type, the mesh number of topside screen is maximum, and determine the drilling fluid cleansing accuracy of screen. The mesh numbers of the following two layer screens reduce in turn, the nethermost thick mesh screen supports the upper layer. Screen plate is used for bonding the screen cloth and plays a role in supporting.


The wave screen has stronger through capacity. The thruput is larger 30%~40% than orifice plate adhesion screen and other flat surface screens.