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Weighted drilling fluid solids control characteristic


Weighted drilling fluid is an important and effective measure of control well press, control well press means control high pressure oil (gas) layer, therefore the solids control of weighted drilling fluid should be valued and strengthened. Weighted drilling fluid generally used for well drilling of hard formation, smaller hole diameter, lower drilling rate and higher solid content.


The weighted drilling fluid contains high density weighting material, low density bentonite and cuttings. The barite is the most common used weighting material, due to the content of barite is high, so the cost is large. On the other hand, the added of barite reduce the intake capacity of cuttings. The cuttings and bentonite content shall not exceed the ratio of 2:1 in weighted drilling fluid, however in non-weighted drilling fluid, the content ratio can be 3:1 or even more. Compared with the non-weighted drilling fluid, the task of eliminating cuttings of weighted drilling fluid is more pressing. Thus the weighted drilling fluid solids control feature is not only to avoid the loss of barite, and try to reduce cuttings content in drilling fluid.