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What's the screw pump ?


The screw pump is an ideal pump for feeding to decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud .


The main parts are screw shaft and screw shaft bushing .Because of the special geometry shape of the two parts , they from pressurize capacity separately . The fluids flow along with the shaft , inner flow speed is slow , capacity remains , pressure is steady , so it will not generate vortex and agitating . The shaft of the pump is made from stainless steel .


It can drive by coupler , or adjust the speed by using variable speed motor , Triangle V-belt , gear box , etc . It have advantage of compact structure , small volume , easy maintenance , rotor and stator are wear parts of this pump , it is convenient to replace .


Compared to centrifugal pumps, positive displacements (PD) pumps have several advantages. The pumped fluid is moving axially without turbulence which eliminates foaming that would otherwise occur in viscous fluids. They are also able to pump fluids of higher viscosity without losing flow rate. Also, changes in the pressure difference have little impact on PD pumps compared to centrifugal pumps.