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What are the advantages of solid control for drilling?


1. Solids control can save the drilling cost


Efficiently removing unwanted solids from the circulating system helps ensure the highest quality drilling fluid in your wells.Improved solids control efficiency translates into less replacement fluid, fewer additives, less waste (solid and liquid) to be transported and disposed of, and less risk of hole problems related to excessive solids content in the drilling fluid.


2.Advance planning increases effectiveness and efficiency.


DC’s engineered waste management solutions are customized to maximize drilling efficiency. That customization delivers different solids control systems for a variety of waste management needs.


Our engineers collaborate with you to fully understand your project priorities. These discussions enable us to customize the solids control system that will best meet the specific demands of your drilling program. Whether your goal is meeting compliance regulations for overboard discharge, reducing waste or water, lowering the cost of waste transportation, or maintaining effective solids control while achieving high ROP in offshore drilling, Baroid will engineer a solids control program to meet the operational specifications and environmental needs of your drilling program.