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What hazards of hydrocyclone desander

Hydrocyclone desander 

There are two main hazards of use desander field: washout and high pressure, today our company will explain the potential safety hazards which hydrocyclone desander washout carried. 

The washout problems of hydrocyclone desander 
Washout is occurred by high speed flow carry solid phase. 

Usually washout appears inner pipeline, necking place, turning and have the turbulence place. Washout can incise pipe in several minutes, cause the damage of all set system, and it is can’t repaired, the damaging can’t see in the appearance. 

The flow directly related the fluid speed in pipeline. In the short-term exploration test, to the permanent installed pipe can’t extend the fluid standard of appreciate API14E. 

In continue several hours exploration test, if don’t have sand production, the flow speed will extend API14E standard, if have sand production, it must observe API limited speed. 

There are two methods of desander limit solid phase existing 
Installed high pressure hydrocyclone desander equipment between control head and oil mouth manifold, it can eliminate the sand before oil mouth manifold. 

We also can increase the inner diameter of flow pipeline.