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What industries could the cyclone desander be used in?


The initial application of the cyclone desander is to remove solid particles in operation of sand blasting and jet. And the conclusion come from the study process of small size cyclone desander is that the oil samples adhered to the surface of solid particles can be removed. In the technology process of cyclone desander producing high gravity, the high shear force field can be produced. In practical application, the sand control effect is: to make the sand content of the well head from 16% to  or less than 1%.

Along with the research and application of the small size ceramic cyclone desander device, the continuous technology progress has been made in this field. Including the assembly of a plurality of desander cyclones together, so that it can resist higher design pressure, and can adapt to the polytrope of fluid flow in the separator and the throttle. It is to put more than one cyclone desander on a pressure vessel which is designed to be a standard and made of special metal material. The drilling fluid is led into the boost sectiopn of the pressure vessel, and can only be discharged by the cyclone. The solid particles are separated into the separation chamber, which can be processed according to the need of the separation. The liquid enters the separator through an overflow outlet.

Now, cyclone desander is widely used in industrial concentration, solid-liquid separation, liquid degassing and separation of immiscible liquid, and degritting of river water and well water, coal washing water removal…it can also be used for ground source heat pump, water treatment, food, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.