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What is centrifugal degasser


The pump and separation tank become one is called centrifugal vacuum degasser, some structures have a exhaust turbine to form a certain vacuum to strength the degassing effective. The external subject structure is cylindrical, the main barrel inserts the gas drilling fluid when the main barrel works.


The motor drive the main shaft and impeller rotating by the rotating device drive barrel, the gas cut drilling fluid enter into degassing barrel from the bottom of main barrel through the filter. The impeller drive drilling fluid do the rotary motion, under the centrifugal force, drilling fluid form into the eddy in the main barrel, the liquid phase and solid phase in drilling fluid are throw to the inlet wall of main barrel, but the gas spread to the centre and form the air column in the main barrel centre.


Because the eddy effective, the separated drilling fluid spiral upward movement along the main barrel wall. Because the flow area of discharge chamber is big, and discharge from the discharge chamber, the gas column formation of main barrel spiral to discharge chamber along with the main barrel enter into the up of the exhaust wall to prevent drilling fluid enters into exhaust area.


The throughput of common pressure degasser is related with installation depth, valve opening and drilling fluid density.