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What is pressure piping desander

Pressure piping desander is a kind of high efficiency desander equipment used in oil field crude gathering and transportation system. The equipment can accord to technology requirements to install in the process pipe of extract oil well mouth, metering station, transfer oil station and combination station. It can solve the problems of piping corrosion, attrition and crude oil dehydration blocking. 
The equipment match with washed-sand device can realize degassing sand and washed sand, it is also the ideal equipment of oil field sand content crude gathering and transportation process. 
The piping desander also used to minitype water type water supply engineering and sewage treatment engineering. 
In city water supply system, there is little sand in water supply pipe or large well, the sand will deposit in piping, tank and all kinds of buildings, they will carry some harms to the system, the equipment can eliminate tap-water and replace detritor.