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What is shock absorber spring of shale shaker


The main constituent part of shale shaker is vibration motor, box, shock absorber spring. Shock absorb spring is the main constituent part and plays important role in the design of shale shaker, the shock absorb spring uses the different materials according the different shale shaker. The shock absorber spring is made of rubber, metal spring, air spring, cork wood hair felt. 

How to design shale shaker rubber spring

The splice degree of rubber and metal is very important and prevent the stress in bonding plane is concentration.


The technology to shearing deformation can improve service life, usually the direction of vertical shearing should be gave proper precompression, the stiffness of compress direction is harden and the stiffness of shearing is softening.


Maintenance and replacement shock absorber spring at fixed period, vibration isolator should avoid work in tension condition long times.


Resistance must consume energy, the part wasted energy conversion into heat energy, but the rubber is poor conductor of heated to prevent the temperature is too high influence the performance of rubber vibration isolator.


How to use rubber spring of shale shaker


We should adopt the measures of radiating in structure or use nature rubber material which produce less heat. Because the part energy of rubber vibration isolator can convert heat energy, decrease the vibration energy and reach the aim of vibration attenuation, so the rubber vibration isolator is called absorber.


The rubber vibration isolator can’t be manufactured too big.