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What is the drive structure of mud agitator


Transmission structure of mud agitator is made of motor, reducer device, coupling and mixer shaft. There are several types of mud agitator are widely used in solid control equipment.

Gear drive structure mud agitator. The advantages is drive efficiency is high, the shortcomings is the volume is big and maintain is not convenient. Gear drive is divided into directly drive and belt work drive. Bevel gear drive structure mud agitator. The advantage is the structure is simple. There are many shortcomings; such as because the limit of drive ratio, if we want low rotary speed mud agitator, we must to do a large reduction, the result is not only the efficiency is low but also the volume is big. The structure has already not see more in mud agitator

According to the related data and the field experience show that the drive structure design of mud agitator uses the worm and gear belt drive structure which is widely used in China. The motor is installed horizontal, installation, adjustment and replace is very convenient.

Belt drive structure is easy, transmission is steady, low cost, when overload maybe appear slip, it has the effect of protection. The reducer uses the single worm reducer, structure size is small, the weight is light, transmission is steady, voice is small and the transmission power is big.