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What is the solids control?


Solids control system is a separate but essential part for drilling oil& gas field . It can circulating use drilling fluid and save huge cost.


solids control system is a way for mechanical removal the drill cuttings , mainly it including shale shakers , shaker screens , mud cleaner , centrifuges , Degassers , Mud agitators , Centrifugal pumps ,  Jet Mud Mixer . Mud tank and etc.

solids control


Solids control system of the overall layout and process is significant. The general layout and order process is shale shaker, Degasser, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge .


Motor power , the pressure of centrifugal pump and displacement matching appropriate or not, affect the working performance of solids control equipment. Mud agitator , mud gun as well as other auxiliary equipment , pill tank , depositing tank and properly connected to the manifold , to fit the best needs of processing needs .