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What shall we do if shaker screen is damaged



Shale shaker screen is one of the main accessories of shale shake, if it damages will serious influence the use of shale shaker, so if the screen is damaged what shall we do?

The solution method for damaged screen 

A When the screen quality is below the standard, usually screen has the upper screen layer and down part stress layer. The two layers should be closely jointed. If the tension process of shaker screen is bad, when screen bottom stress layer is tightened, the screening layer is not tensioning, the thrown force is decreased when work and can’t discharge drilling cuttings.

B If the screen tension strength is not enough lead to screen vibrate, usually the screen edge or bordure layering place is damaged.

C The veer of vibration motor is error, the field operation worker according the use experience of single shaft shale shaker or linear motion shale shaker, think that the drilling cutting is jee is ok, but the method is don’t apply to balance ellipse shale shaker. if the motor false rotate to medial, although the throw angle is 45°but the drilling cuttings have the force of rolling back, the speed of drilling cuttings forward migration is slowly and stay at the screen time is long, even lead to drilling cuttings can’t be discharged.

The solution method:

a when screen box operates, pressing the stop button of electric control box, the shale shaker will stop, observing the ellipse locus produced by the dot moves on side plate of shale shaker, tolling to sand moth is the right direction.

b unsnatch vibration protecting cover and checking the eccentric block whether rolling to outside.

c exchange any two lines of electric control box power source, scatting some sand on screen, the desilting sand speed is more quick is the right direction.

D The vibration amplitude is too small of clay is cumulate, in polymer drilling condition is difficult to screen, it can effective overcomes the viscosity force of drilling cuttings lead to the drilling cutting cumulate on screen and damage the screen.

Solution method

a increasing vibration amplitude.

b using spray water wash screen or drilling cuttings to decrease drilling cuttings’ viscosity, but the method only apply to permit adding water occasion

c adjusting the shale shaker screen angle of desilting mouth end and is conducive to rock debris is discharged by gravity, but maybe lead to running mud.

d replacing screen mesh or adjusting the single screen flow, to ensure the stagnation point of drilling fluid close to screen export to make drilling cuttings is discharged by the function of drilling fluid lubricate.