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What should we do when install mud gas separator


According practical experience the throughput of mud gas separator must be 5 times of design circulation volume. The inlet pipe inner diameter of mud gas separator should be equal or bigger than the inner diameter of throttle manifold. Mud output pipe inner diameter of mud gas separator should be bigger or equal to inlet pipe inner diameter, the mud is directly discharged to shale shake inlet manifold or mud reserve thank. The diameter of exhaust pipe should be 200mm or even bigger. The gas exhaust pipe should be installed valve.

Preparatory work of mud gas separator


Mud gas separator crane must use the lifting eye equipment. Before lifting must check the lifting equipment and the strength of steel wire is whether enough lift all equipment and all auxiliary equipment. All ropes should be arranged each other uniformity and vertical with the top of equipment. The accessory equipment installs in mud gas separator maybe change its center gravity. Al staffs should evacuate the dangerous area before lifting.


Separation foundation should be hit true, find level and ensure the installation of mud gas separator should be vertical.


Mud gas separator uses 16mm steel wire rope fixed to the ground from the upper four angles and using positive and negative screw tighten it. The two ends of steel wire rope use 3 rope cappels, the included angle of drawbench and vertical lie should bigger than 45°.

Drilling fluid inlet and output pipeline, exhaust pipeline of mud gas separator connect with flanges should be checked, each connecting bolt must fit stander, complete and fastening.

Mud gas separator must install the safety value which is checked.