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Whole separation procedure of drilling waste management


Drilling waste management was popular used in all drilling site. Do you know the each separation procedure ? Please keep reading to learn what is the separation procedure of drilling waste management. 

Drilling waste revovery unit 

The separated big size drilling cuttings by shale shaker will be vibrated and washed by high-frequency HGF equipment and automatic constant pressure jet, screw conveyor collects the drilling waste in time, and transports it to the low tank to caching and pre-processed. ( parts of liquid phase return to the drilling fluid circulating system).

Gel braking off unit

Transport drilling waste fluid in storage tank to gel tank, for automatic dosing,  destabilizing, gel breaking and flocculation, to make the waste mud is suitable for solid-liquid separation mud, then transported to the next unit.

Solid and liquid separation unit
The mud cake transported out which is formed through special patented equipment for squeezing of pretreatment mud and enhanced solid-liquid separation, and recovering the filtrate.
Sewage treatment unit

The plained filtrate can meet the drilling production reuse or oilfield system reinjection after advanced treatment of physical and chemical method. 

The treating capacity of drilling waste process system is about 20m3/h  in a 3000m depth well, and the average daily processing capacity is 400m3/day. 

Now, there is a set of drilling waste processing system applicated in 17 wells. Safe and reliable equipment performance ensure the drilling team breakthrough 35000 meters one year.