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Why mud cleaner can saving drilling cost ?



With the development of centrifuge technology and the widespread application in solids control , the role of the mud cleaner is gradually weakened . Here to emphasize that drilling fluid mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge complement each other , not repellent .


Drilling fluid mud cleaner is used to remove solid particles larger than barite . The centrifuge is used to remove the solid particles which is small than most of barite .


Mud cleaner is a combination of a group hydrocyclone with a fine mesh screen . Hydrocyclone underflow include a certain concentration of solid phase , while drilling fluid entering the API200 or API150 screen mesh for separation of particles .


After grinding barite , most of size smaller than 74um (API200 mesh) , so most of the barite poweder and polymer compound material can back into the drilling fluid circulatory system through the screen mesh , high concentration of drilling cuttings was clear by screen mesh .


At the same time , due to the harmful solid phase of drilling fluid to clear in time . Strength the well bore quality , running smoothly , therefore , not easily blocked , well control smoothly.


1. Is a deep well , ultra deep well treating weighted drilling fluid essential solid control equipment , it can remove fine mesh solid particles of weighted drilling fluid . Also can recycle barite and the liquid phase .

2. Mud cleaner can effectively control weighted drilling fluid solid content . Prevent differential pressure sticking , adhesion stuck drill accident , reduce the drill string and the filter cake thichness on bond issues .

3. Saving drilling cost .

4. Improving the well site environment