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Why the vertical cutting dryer get more users' favor

Due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements around the world, the cost impact of waste management for oil based drilling operations is steadily increasing. 

The vertical Cuttings Dryer has been proven to provide a dramatic reduction in drill solids waste discharge and to help maximize the recovery of synthetic-, oil-, or ester-based drilling fluids. The unit has also been proven to help operators meet environmental compliance requirements such as the EPA requirements for discharge in the Gulf of Mexico and also reduce the volumes of drilling waste that has to be transported from a drilling location for disposal. 

1. Small footprint for capacity improves performance in low volume applications
2. Automatic cut off when high torque, low lubrication oil
3. Stand incorporates walkways and lift hoist for ease of maintenance
4. Explosion Proof motors and Control Panel for certified use in hazardous areas
5. Multiple screen sizes available to suit drilling application

Successful vertical cutting dryer operations are not as simple as installing and running the cuttings drying equipment. The fluids recovered by the dryer usually contain high levels of low gravity solids that can cause significant problems if returned directly to the drilling fluid system.