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Why use Venturi tube in jet mud mixer

There are two reasons why jet mud mixer use venturi tube;

1. Increase the shearing function to drilling fluid and increase the materials dispersion effect. 

2. When drilling fluid return to drilling fluid system can obtain some pressure head to help the drilling fluid which flowing toward to upstream or downstream, then enter into the tank to be fully mixed. 

Usually the pressure level flow speed is 3.05m/s in the mixing device which installed on the low pressure drilling fluid tank. The size of pressure-bearing pipeline is in turn reduce from 152-51mm, the flow speed of nozzle is successively increased, but the pressure is successively decreased. The high speed liquid squirted from the nozzle through the ejector nozzle and the open mouth between venturi tube, produce a partial vacuum zone in the mixing chamber. The substance in the hopper is absorbed to the t-branch pipe and fluid flow. The drilling fluid additive is dispersed to the fluid flow by high speed fluid, it can decrease solid phase particles agglomeration conditions.