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Why use jet mud mixer in drilling solids control system


Jet mud mixer(mud mixing hopper) is the equipment to match with the drilling solids control equipment. It is a special equipment to prepare and increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing  bentonite, change the fluid density, change the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration.


DCSLH jet mud mixer is a unit used together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling and horizontal directional drilling(HDD). The unit includes one sand pump, one jet mixing hopper and one jet mixer that are installed in a base with pipe valves. It is safe and stable and can be moved conveniently.


Combining with venturi tube and original jet nozzle, DC's new Jet mud mixer specializes in simple structure and easy manipulation which can satisfy the drilling fluid's need on weighting and compounding from 1500m to 9000m depth.

At the same time, we can make Twin-Jet Mud Mixer according to the user requirements. It is designed by DC solids control bentonite mud mixer, drilling mud tank jet mixer.