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Work principle of drilling fluid shale shaker

Drilling fluid shale shaker designed according to linear motion locus vibration  produced by screen surface. Two set motors midperpendicular and shale shaker become into a corner. 

When shale shaker works, two motors synchronization contrarotation make vibrator produce the reverse exciting force, to comple shale shaker drive screen do longitudinal motion make the materials throw a periodicity gunshot by exciting force, and complete materials screening works. 

It adapts quarry screening sand, also can provide the commodity grading to coal dressing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry. The works part of shale shaker is fixed, material obtained the screen rely on the materials glide along with the working surface. 

The fixed lattice shale shaker is popular used in dressing plant. Usually it used to prescreening before coarse crushing or secondary crushing. Its structure is compact and convenient to manufacture. It can directly unload to the mineral to the screen ssurface, the main defect is production rate is lower and screening efficiency is low.