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Work process and effect of the Vacuum degasser

Work flow of vacuum degassing:

The vacuum degassing device causes the drilling fluid to enter the low pressure state. In this condition, the gas in the drilling fluid will expand greatly, and it will be easier to remove. Gas has a vacuum pump discharge, the drilling fluid through the gas lift pipe nozzle, the same, the addition of drilling fluid from the nozzle into the drilling fluid tank. The vacuum degassing device should be discharged into the lower reaches of the drilling fluid level. The switching effluent discharge pipeline, should make the gas to the liquid surface directly to discharge.


Effect of vacuum degassing treatment of drilling fluid:
Vacuum cleaner should be able to handle more than from the sinking sand pool or vibration sieve into the suction chamber. A portion of the drilling fluid is returned from the downstream tank to the degassing chamber, and a portion of the drilling fluid enters the downstream chamber, which is weighed into and out of the gas tank, and determines whether the gas is removed. Measuring the density of drilling fluid and the comparison of the drilling fluid with the density of a pressurized drilling fluid. "Clean drilling fluid" by the conventional standard, the circulation through the vacuum degassing device, thereby avoiding the deposition of solid particles to plug the air separator.
Purge gas:
The tail of the exhaust pipe shall be placed in the safe area and maintained at a safe distance from the wellhead and the ground waste water tank. To exhaust tube placement of the valve and divides it into two strands of tributaries, this can make gas is always on the ground waste downwind of the pool and the mouth of the well lit.