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ZCQ type vacuum degasser advantages


Vacuum degasser

Vacuum degassing apparatus using vacuum pump or jet evacuator make except tank internal form certain vacuum. Circulating tank in the middle of the gas immersion drilling fluid will in vacuum differential pressure is suction except air tank. Vacuum environment, drilling fluid surface pressure below atmosphere, which reduces the small bubble to level the pressure. For example, pressure by 1 atmospheric pressure drop to 500 mm Hg, bubble volume will increase 50%, thus increase the buoyancy, more rapidly to liquid level and fracture clear. No matter what kind of vacuum degasser, its structure are mainly three common, and around the three characteristics of the improvement to form the different range of products.

ZCQ series Vacuum degasser

on Work, vacuum pump will be in addition to air tank smoke to a certain degree of vacuum, drilling fluid in the differential pressure from drilling fluid tank under the action of the drilling fluid intake in addition to tank. In addition to gas after the drilling fluid fall into the tank bottom liquid storage chamber. Along with the liquid storage indoor liquid increases, float gradually. When the liquid level rise enough to height, float upward movement, and through the lever will spherical valve open suction gas pipeline immediately and atmospheric interlinked, make except tank inside the vacuum degree decline, thus vacuum tank of drilling fluid flow decreases. Meanwhile, sand pump from the vacuum tank bottom will be in addition to gas after the drilling fluid extraction, tank level also with drop, this can be avoided in liquid level is too high flood resistance flow sheet cause degassing efficiency lower.


When tank level down to a certain height, the whereabouts of the float through the lever and spherical valve closed, make suction gas pipeline and atmospheric isolation, at this time due to the vacuum pump is still kept running, tank vacuum to heighten, into the tank of the drilling fluid volume increases, tank level and rising gradually. It can avoid the liquid level is too low and cause sand pump suction in drilling fluid.


So reciprocating, tank level height will be automatically adjust in a proper range, so as to ensure deaerator can continuous normal work. When the liquid level automatic control device failure, liquid level may rise to the top. At the top of the float with liquid level rise, make the upper safety valve closed, removing all connection vacuum pump exhaust tube, so as to avoid drilling fluid being pumped into the vacuum pump, and played the safety insurance effect.