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ZS1920x1250 drilling fluid linear motion shale shaker specification


1. Use, principle

A) ZS1920 * 1250 drilling fluid linear shale shaker for oil drilling engineering of key solids control equipment. shale shaker performance has direct influence on the subsequent solids control equipment performance.

B) the equipment is suitable for oil field is 2000 meters and above, supporting the use of various types of the drilling rig.

2. Structure

ZS1950 * 1250 drilling fluid shale shaker is mainly composed of base part, screen box, shaker screen, screen changer, and Angle adjusting device, control box, vibration motor, etc.

3. Product features

A) the OLI , US vibrating motor produces vibration force, in the main performance is close to the famous brand of the same type , to provide users with high quality and low price products.

B) according to the requirements of different users can configure plate type and corrugated type shaker screen, can adapted to different drilling conditions.

C) screen frame Angle can be in continuous operation of change the screen Angle (-5 ~ 5)

D) vibrating screen covers an area of small, screen area is large, operation extensive, reliable operation, less vulnerable etc.

E) the screen type can be single or more machine combination to use.

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