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dcMud gas separator application


The mud gas separator is designed to provide effective separation of the mud and gas circulated from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handled by a vacuum-type degasser located in the mud pits. The mud gas separator controls gas cutting during kick situations, during drilling with significant drilled gas in the mud returns, or when trip gas is circulated up.


Three types of mud gas separators commonly are used today: closed bottom, open bottom, and float type. The principle of mud gas separation within each type of vessel is identical.


Traditional mud gas separator is located between choke manifold and shale shaker, it has a pipeline for discharging gas directly. It is generally installed behind choke manifold.


According to practical experience, the thruput of mud gas separator must be reached five times design circulation. The inner diameter of drilling fluid exit pipeline should be not less than the inner diameter of inlet pipeline, drilling fluid will be directly discharged in inlet manifold of shale shaker or mud tanks. The diameter of exhaust pipeline is 200mm or larger. Don’t install valve on the exhaust pipeline.