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linear motion shale shaker maintenance



shaker screen in handling and use process should prevent the steel wire rope, shovel or other edge tool scratches, shaker screen mesh is prohibited in the pile of things or standing person.



linear motion shale shaker every running 200 hours (winter 500 hours) to vibration motor bearing and molybdenum disulfide lithium grease a times, each time charging 5-10 mi can (grease gun play 4- 6).



per shift at least water (summer) or steam (winter) flushing screen surface and screen box inside a. Screen and screen box should be kept clean and normal movement characteristics, can not have too much sediment.



due to vibration motor vibration and, therefore, demand motor wiring firm and reliable, otherwise you will burn out motor.



per shift should check vibration motor and plate coupling bolt is loose, screen tension and damage, etc.; In the process of work should be often through the see, hear, touch method to observe the machine work situation, if discover the anomaly should be timely stop check processing.



Shale shaker should by specialist is responsible for operation and maintenance.