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Oil Tank

Oil Tank

Oil tank is the major corollary equipment in oilfield drilling rig, it is mainly used to store and provide fuel to generator set. The oil tank designed and produced by our company is easy and convenient to use and maintain.

Oil Tank Parameters

Design Pressure

Ordinary pressure



Common Volume

20m³、30m³、40m³、50m³ and 60m³etc.

Tank body is sandblasted,anti-rust rating to Sa 2.5,using strengthened epoxy coal asphalt
Anticorrosive paint.Coating structure:Primer finish paint-glass cloth –double finish
Paint,total thickless of coat no less than 0.6mm.

Service Life

20 years

Carried Standard

The anti-corrosion of oil tank is according to CNCIA-HG/T0001-2006 standard

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