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Shear Pump

Shear Pump

Shear pump adopts the axial suction, horizontal structure, composed of a motor, a pump seat, a pump shell, a worm gear, the shear wheel and a triangle belt transmission the power device, using a very reliable mechanical composite seal, to ensure no leakage.The internal of the pump is equipped with a stainless steel turbine (which has a main impeller, guide vane, nozzle, a collection chamber) and a shear plate.

Mud used in polymer of molecular weight high , directly add not easy hydration , if there is no sufficient shear, polymer during the first circulation may be jam shale shaker screen and will result in losing a lot of polymer, increase the cost of drilling, and also may make the drilling fluid in the large size of the particles harden and difficult to clear away . In the drilling fluid, due to no shear, the polymer will produce a lot of "fish eye", these "fish-eye" will damage the formation, the formation permeability decrease, reduce the production of oil and gas .Therefore for polymers need preliminary shearing, then into the drilling fluid system, improving the performance of drilling fluid and full play its role .Shear pump can provide very high shearing efficiency, accelerate polymer dilution, hydration process.

DC Machinery in the study of a large number of domestic and foreign shear pump based on the improvement of shearing pump, comprising a complete shear and hydration system, quick shear dilution, a hydratable polymer.

shear pump adopts a set of mechanical seal for no leakage at stuffing box
1. Using the unique research and development of mechanical seal technology , novel and unique design at home and abroad , the seal performance is advanced , reliable operation and long service life .
2. Greatly improved bentonite particles hydration degree , reduces the bentonite clay need by 30%.
3. For polymer or clay rapidly hydration provide high shear force , solving polymer (or clay ) in the drilling fluid that hydration is bad and prominent problems .
4. It also reduce the mud cake and fluid loss , reduce drilling fluid shear rate , improve the gel strength , so as to achieve the advanced international level .

Shear Pump Parameters

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