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shale shaker lifting, installation and adjustment


Shale shaker transport must will screen box and base reliable fixed together, prevent transport sieve produce resonance, attaint parts. And before using must restore screen box free state, can be used

When hoisting, the application of two root equal length of wire rope trapping screen body base respectively before and after two beam head, and keep the screen body level, prevent vibrating screen upside down.

At the time of shipment is shale shaker, screen box work bed surface it is strictly prohibited to place other hard weight, in order to avoid damage to the screen surface, affects the working performance and fishnets for life.

Installation and adjustment

General should be installed in parallel at the same time two table shale shaker (also can according to user requirements parallel three table), so that when a sieve trouble, can start to one, and does not affect drilling operation. When using double pump drilling, drilling fluid viscosity, can two shakers work together at the same time.

Shale shaker should be level in conical tank. Put, should be in on both sides of the shale shaker set aside 0.6 1 m operation channel. Then mount three-pass double brake distributary channel, and then coupling good elevated tank.

Screen installation, good or bad, and the service life of the screen and use effect relation is great, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with the following steps installation screen: The screen square in the screen bed with tension hook plate hook screen hook edge, then use hook plate bolt the hook plate and screen box side plate together, and in this wear into gland, inner gasket, spring and the gasket, the hook plate nut screw into the hook plate bolt and screw up. Hook plate bolt tightening, should be that each piece of hook plate in the middle of the tension bolt first tension, and then make on both sides of the two bolt alternate taut, until the screen in the screen bed uniform tension so far, keep each screen two hook plate hook when tightened point of view as far as possible consistent.

According to the need, can use special socket wrench regulation before spring seat height by changing the screen of the bed dip. Above all, want to loose lock nut A factory motor wiring direction modulated good, in replacement cable and vibration motor must pay attention to two vibration motor steering instead.

A factory vibration block modulated good. If you need to adjust, can put shield tear down, reoccupy Allen wrench discharge loose external eccentric block lock screw, and according to the inside block are marked scale will be two vibration motor a total of four groups of eccentric block all set to the same scale, and finally twist lock screw.