How does the drilling mud gun work?

The mud gun is generally placed in the tank top of drilling fluid circulating tank, which is mainly divided into two types of high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure mud gun has small output volume and high pressure, which is generally feeding liquid for drilling pump. And the low pressure mud gun is generally used to supply drilling fluid for sand pump, it has big displacement and low pressure.

Main pipeline of low pressure rotary mud gun is composed of shale shaker tank, suction tank, mixing tank, reserve tank Ι and a lateral tube on the upper-frame of reserve tank Ⅱ through a union. All the discharge pipes of sand pump in the system are connected with the main pipeline and be the liquid source of low pressure mud gun, so it can make themud gun work when open any sand pump.

The low pressure rotary mud gun consists of a butterfly valve, rotary body and the gun body. The drilling fluid is supplied by sand pump, shear pump or feeding pump.

How does the drilling mud gun work?

The butterfly valve control the working condition of mud gun and control the direction of drilling fluid jetted by nozzles of mud gun through the operating handle of the rotator. Nozzles of mud gun jet drilling fluid, dash and stir the useful solid phase particles in drilling fluid deposited on the bottom of the tank.

The high pressure mud gun is fed by slurry pump, the suction tank, mixing tank and reserve tank Ι and reserve tank are separately configured with separate high pressure mainfold. Between the tank is connected with FIG1502 union and high pressure hose, each warehouse is equipped with a high pressure mud gun which is controlled by high pressure mud gate valve.

The sepecifications of high pressure mud gun: 2"/5000psi, when the oil-based drilling fluid is used by the system, the shear dilution of the mud is very poor, at this time we need to use the high pressure mud gun whose power source is slurry pump to dash and stir it, so as to mix the drilling fluid evenly.