Adjustment method of hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is the key spare parts in the solod control equipment desander and desilter. Mud desander and desilter mainly use hydrocyclone centrifugal force to separate the solid phase. So correctly adjust the hydrocyclone is a very important step in the drlling mud circulating system process.

1. Changing the working parameter of centrifugal pump, improve or decrease working convolution, using different diameter impellers works.
2. Changing the bottom flow mouth size.
3. Adjusting the quantity of the hydrocyclone working cones.

Notice that; Can't use the valve installed on the overflow pipe to increase hydrocyclone inlet pressure. Because, the method can't increase hydrocyclone pressure gage,  on the contrary make pump energy consumption increases. Obviously, the blocked hydrocyclone can't dispose drilling fluid, and also can't keep drilling cuttings always in the lower density level. In drilling field, should have specially person to clean the hydrocyclone stemming. The cone plugged too much to efficiency separate solid phase. When machine drilling speed is very fast, if exceed 30m/h, will need more big and more quantity hydrocyclones.

In the process of drilling, the drilling fluid returned from well is not discharged to shale shaker drilling tank, instead directly discharged to the sand collector, also will blocking. After restore the circulation, the new big solid phase into the sand collector is not security settlement, then flow to the next stage, when get to the top of desander and desilter will blocks the hydrocyclone.