Advantages of Shale Shakers Among other Drilling Equipments

During the process of petroleum well drilling, the first grade solids control equipment shale shaker is often used, it is used for separating large drilling cutting particles contained in the drilling fluid, and the smaller particles can enter the next level solids control equipment for further processing. With the help of shale shaker, in the process of drilling, always keep maximum hole rate, then high screening efficiency, large handling capacity, convenient screen replacement, cost reduction can be achieved. The large screen surface and large treating capacity can meet the need of field production. The structure of shale shaker uses multistagescreening surface vibration and screen deck and  frame does not participate in the vibration, so that the shaker can realize large - sized.

Economy of Linear Motion Shale Shaker

Dachuan linear motion shale shaker has obvious advantages when treating large capacity of drilling fluid, under this working conditions, linear motion shale shaker outputs strong exciting force, rapidly remove mass of solids through linear vibration trajectory, can effectively remove larger particles in drilling fluid.

Advantages of Shale Shakers Among other Drilling Equipments

Features and Advantages

1. High G force vibration strength (can be adjusted according to working conditions);

2. High drilling cuttings transmission speed and treating capacity;

3. Can handling large flow and large proportion drilling fluid;

4. Screen frame angle adjusting device, adjusting amplitude is -1° ~5°;

5. Fast charging type tensioning system, easy to replace screens;

6. The feeding box has weir type and box type;

7. Hook-strip screen has pyramid screen and flat screen;

Advantages of Shale Shakers Among other Drilling Equipments

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