Are you in the right use of mud agitator

The use and the range of application

The diving agitator is widely used in industry and urban sewage treatment plant of aeration tank, Aeration settling pool, also can use in small sewage treatment plant, Industrial wastewater treatment and aerobic pond fish, is also used in sewage treatment plant and the flow of industry.

The fluid with suspended

The use condition

The highest temperature of the medium is 40℃

The PH of the medium is transported is 5-9

The biggest density of the liquid is 1150㎏/㎡

Every second start interval time is not less than 10 minutes

The structure of the mud agitator

• mud agitator: is made of the electrical machine and pump head, the pump head and electrical machine coaxial, use two ways mechanical seal. According the requirement, it is set the oil chamber leak alarm, motor winding overheating protection, temperature protection and other functions.

• Control equipment: it is used as the starting of the mud agitator, stopping and operation monitoring, according the different users, it includes the control cabinet, terminal box, the level
controller, it doesn’t has overload, lack of phase, short circuit, leakage water, motor winding temperature excursion, Bearing over temperature and other protection functions.


• Checking the model selection of the mud agitator, the actual service condition whether matching with the regulation use conditions.

• The protection of the agitator motor in the mud cabin cables have the rigid steel conduit and flexible metal tube. Ensure the seal of pipe connection.

• If the distance of the electrical source and the agitator is far, we must consider the line loss, the section surface of the cables should be increased, the joint should be few and the joint is must be treated by seal, in order to prevent water leakage.

• The ground wire of the agitator is the turquoise line, in order safety, it must be connected firm and it should longer 50mm than other lines.

• Before installation of the mud agitator, to the direction of impellers, Impeller by anti clockwise. If the direction of rotation is incorrect, we can exchange the control cabinet , the direction rotation can be changed.

• After switch on, we can’t start mud agitator, we should through the control system to check the mud agitator, if we find fault, we must check and clean the troubles, then starts it, if the motor doesn’t rotate, we must switch out quickly, we should check and clean troubles, in order to prevent damage the motor.