Basic knowledge of drilling fluid shale shaker

Shale shaker is the primary solids separation equipment in solids control system. After returning to the surface of the well, the used drilling fluid directly flows into the shale shaker where it begins to be processed. After drilling fluid processed by the shale shaker, then the drilling fluid enters into mud tanks. The solids removed by the shale shaker are discharged out of the discharge port into a separate holding tank where await further treatment or disposal.

Shale shaker consist of a welded base, screen basket, screen, locking device, shock spring, vibration motor, mud feeder and explosion-proof switch, etc. They are also designed and equipped with an angle adjustment system on the screen basket.

Sometime in order to treat a relatively large volume of drilling fluids, double or triple shale shakers are used together. The angle of the screen basket can be adjusted -1° ~ +5° through the angle adjustment device while drilling, according to the difference of the mud viscosity, there is no need to stop the drilling process. And the vibration motor, driving its two PCS eccentric blocks rotating, which generates the vibration force on the screen basket.

Shale shaker for solids control system are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs and research. With the development of technology, all kinds of shale shakers appeared. According to the difference of the vibration tracks, shale shakers are also divided into elliptical shaker, linear-motion shaker, and circular shaker. In oilfield industry, linear motion shale shaker are widely used at present.

Shale shaker is the necessary equipment in the well drilling equipments at present. Moreover, the job content of shale shaker will direct influence on the desander, desilter and centrifugal.

Compared with swirler, centrifuge and degasser, the wasting power of shale shaker is the least, and the investment is little, as a result, shale shaker is the most economical equipment in the present solid control equipments.