Brandt Mud Agitators

Mud agitators serve the drilling industry with quality time-proven mechanical agitation. The horizontally mounted Brandt MA series agitator has been the industry standard for many years. Available in seven models from 2 through 25 horsepower, are quiet, smooth and vibration-free. The simplicity and strength of their single-reduction worm gear drive provide long, reliable service. The low profile of horizontal agitators reduces headroom requirements.

Worm gear drives are 50% more resistant to shock and vibration than gear reductions utilizing twice as many helical and bevel gears. Also, worm gear drives wear in rather than wear out. Steady operation continues to form the tooth rather than destroy the tooth form.

Brandt impeller blades are canted at 60° to promote axial as well as radial flow. This induces a bottom-to-top movement and results in a more homogeneous mixture.

Brandt Mud Agitators

These quiet, vibration-free agitators come in vertical or horizontal styles.

The MA series with 30:1 single reduction worm-gear drive uses a sliding action worm gear and are available from 3 to 30 horsepower.

The MA-RG (Right Angle Gear) series is a double-reduction helical gear designed primarily for applications requiring more than 15 horsepower. Up to 95% mechanical efficiency helps reduce horsepower requirements.

The Vertical Mechanical Agitator (VMA) series is ideal for installations with limited footprint availability. These double-reduction, in-line, helical gear agitators provide smooth, vibration-free operation and efficient mixing, just like the right-angle drive agitators.

VMA series agitators align the motor shaft with the gear reducer output shaft. The explosion-proof, C-face motor bolts on and couples to the double reduction helical gearbox. The entire assembly bolts to a fabricated steel base plate, which is then mounted on the tank.

Vertically mounted agitators are lighter than right-angle-drive horizontal units, but produce the same mixing results. In some instances, horsepower requirements are reduced due to the 95% efficiency of the helical gearing.