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LW series drilling fluid decanting centrifuge is aim at the characteristics of drilling fluid to design the solid and liquid separation special equipment, it can complete the feeding, centrifugal sedimentation, discharging and other process, it is mainly used to recover the barite, eliminate the small solid, decrease solid content of drilling fluid, control drilling fluid density, viscosity and ensure the performance of drilling fluid.

Drilling fluid decanting spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is using the theory of centrifugal sedimentation to separate the drilling suspension, the suspension enter into the drum from inlet pipe through spiral discharging stoker to the drum small end discharge port, the liquid phase overflow from the drum big end. So it continuous cycle can reach the purpose of continuous separation.

The sedimentation centrifuge belongs to decanting spiral centrifuge. The decanting sedimentation drilling fluid centrifuge is produced by DC is widely used in oil drilling industry.

Supply LW series drilling fluid centrifuge

LW series oil field centrifuge is made of the motor, feeding liquid system and control system the three parts, high capacity centrifuge is matching used with high speed centrifuge, it can realize the three screens and two machines solid control scheme, then simplified the solid control system, reduce the power and improve the purification efficiency.