Centrifuge application in drilling fluid

Processing heavier drilling fluid

Applied in a weighted drilling fluid centrifuge primary purpose is to control the viscosity. In the high withered degrees under drilling slower. The method of controlling the viscosity is separated through the overflow of the viscosity increase caused by ultra-fine particles of the solid phase and the colloidal and discharged to the waste tank, and will contain a large number of barite bottom stream back to the drilling fluid circulation tank.

As the centrifuge can not from the low density solid phase separating out barite in the underflow return to the circulation tank with a part of the very fine the useless solid phase and barite. This can greatly reduce the order to reduce the viscosity and drain drilling fluid consumption, and diluted with water to produce the excess drilling fluid. On the other hand a lot of recycling barite, general centrifuge can be recycled 3-4T per hour , high effective.

The large viscosity of the mud in the solid phase, the centrifuge is also difficult to separate. The time should be appropriately diluted, in order to obtain a good separation effect, and can also add part of the condensed liquid from the overflow drain, the circulatory system to maintain a constant quantity.

Deal with non-weighted drilling fluid

In the low solids fluids are not aggravated, and the centrifugation method is very effective in solid-liquid separation method. The large amount of processing centrifuge centrifuge normally. Due to the low solid mud brought huge benefits, in order to clear non-aggravated the solid phase of the drilling fluid applications centrifuge increasingly common. Centrifuge the drilling fluid is separated into the two parts of the flow of the overflow and underflow, the bottoms stream contains a large number of unwanted solid phase discharged to the waste slurry pool; precious liquid is then returned to the circulating tank.

Continuous treatment two density of the drilling fluid

In many cases, the drilling team, from the beginning, till finish drilling using a centrifuge, so to achieve the best efficiency.

Best drilling fluid before aggravating many wells spud after a long period of time using the low-density drilling fluid into easy riding or high pressure layer. Therefore, when the centrifuge to do double duty. For non-weighted drilling fluid, the main purpose of the recovered liquid; weighted drilling fluid, the main purpose is to recycle the heavier materials, exclude the ultrafine particles cuttings, to reduce the viscosity. In the the centrifuge underflow placement of an adjustable deflector skateboard to complete this work.