Centrifuge lubrication and maintenance

1. Bearing lubrication

Centrifuge host has two lubrication point, namely drum big main bearing, small end main bearing, all use grease lubrication. The main bearing on both ends with straight-through pressure oil cup. Main bearing each operation 48 hours a refueling. Main bearing oil need in centrifuge operation, fuel charge for grease from row fat mouth or axial gap slightly overflow . Main bearing reasonable fuel charge for 1/3 of the oil chamber volume, oil shortage will burn out bearing, come on too much easy to bearing abnormal heating.

Grease brand: 2 # of extreme pressure lithium grease
Screw pusher bearing in before they leave the factory have been added enough grease, can the normal operation of 2 ~ 3 years, only need to be changed during overhaul grease, overhaul time for two years.

2. Differential lubrication

Differential in winter choose 15 # hyperbolic gear oil, summer choose and 18# hyperbolic gear oil. The new differential running-in period for 150 hours, then must be replaced new oil, charging new oil should be many times before with diesel thoroughly clean differential lumen and emission clean. Every three months after operation according to the above method should change new oil, the oil used 100 mesh screen filter. Every time gasoline or in oil shall cleaning magnetic fortress adsorption of scrap iron and other sundries. Go after oil-way turn to and horizontal line into 30 º, wait for oil spill just, it means the oil have been added foot (absolute don't allow top up)

3. Hydraulic coupling for oil

Hydraulic coupler shell on the two screw, screw can through the screw hole add or discharge oil. Fuel charge is generally 6.1-12 L , each working 5000 hours must be replaced new oil, the oil to the objective screen filter. General use and 20#, 30 # turbine oil.

4. Feed pump bearing general use 2 # extreme pressure lithium grease, lubrication cycle 150 hours.

The machine before they leave the factory in the bearing has been fed with grease, differential, coupler inside has fed with oil, and after four hours load running experiment. New machine or store again after the unit put into use, should check all lubricating points for oil leakage trace, discretionary fill oil.