Characteristics of decanter centrifuges in drilling marketing

The structure and performance of drilling fluid centrifuge all have a bid progress, our country have already special mud centrifuge designed accords the characteristics of drilling fluid. Drilling fluid centrifuge is the most difficult master and the structure is complex equipment. But it is the key equipment except shale shaker.

Characteristics of decanter centrifuges in drilling marketing

Main characteristics of drilling fluid centrifuge:

1. The capacity from small to large, foreign has already the centrifuge can dispose 4T material per hours.

2. It has common centrifuge and high speed centrifuge. The common centrifuge can’t solve the whole problems of drilling fluid. High speed centrifuge can dispose drilling fluid, the disposing drilling fluid become dry material and water two parts. Using it to process drilling fluid can maintain environment and ecological environment.

3. The transmission structure evolves ingle motor drive from double motor.

4. The prime centrifuge is chemical centrifuge, the drum and conveying screw are all use stainless steel to manufacture.

In recent years we have already research the drilling fluid solid cobtrol special centrifuge with the material of drum and conveying screw is carbon steel, so the cost is decreased.

5. The abrade level of drum and conveying screw has the structure of using bonding method dressing pad the ceramic disk, it can improve the service life of centrifuge.

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