Characteristics of drilling waste water treatment equipment

After the summary of advantages and disadvantages of the processing device of chinese and foreign counterparts, Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has absorbed the advantages of foreign products, spent a lot of vigour to study various drilling wastewater composition, and the influence of these components on the environment of drilling wastewater treatment; then do R & D drilling waste treatment equipment for various drilling fluid pollution factor, it can treat with drilling wastewater of different drilling fluid systems. The device has the following characteristics:

Characteristics of drilling waste water treatment equipment

(1) The technological process is simple: no matter the drilling waste water, or the waste water containing cuttings, it can be treated by solidification and harmless treatment,

(2) Powerful, comprehensive, each processing unit is powerful. Reduce a lot of equipment input and energy consumption, fully harmless treatment; high oxidation efficiency, ensure the rapid degradation of pollutants and discharge standards

(3) Strong adaptability: suitable for a variety of water based drilling fluid system waste treatment; at the same time to adapt to different ways of treatment, can not only be used for the traditional sewage storage tank site treatment, but also can be used for drilling without landing site treatment and centralized treatment of the joint station.

(4) Stability is strong: different influent water quality, can achieve a stable level of pollution, not with the water quality fluctuations affect treatment results; at the same time, pry assembly integrated equipment, all parts and material selection, equipment quality stability, vulnerable parts, long service life.

(5) The operation is convenient, the automation degree is high, and the function of each unit is strong, so the operation is more convenient.

(6) Investment province, low energy consumption, low operating cost.